Join us in a collective journey toward greater empathy skills, inspired by the writings of field experts, and by each other.

What is Dev Empathy Book Club?

You keep hearing it's so important to build "soft" skills - to be more empathetic, more caring, better listeners, stronger team players.

But how do you get there?

Dev Empathy Book Club is here for you on your Dev Empathy journey. We'll study concrete and actionable strategies to make you a better developer and better person. And we'll put those strategies into practice together.

Ready to make the Dev Empathy Commitment? It's one book every 2 months, with regular Slack chats, and a monthly video panel to provide extra contrast for your own reading experience.

Not quite ready? Join anyway! You'll learn from the conversation and benefit from a supportive learning community.

My Dev Empathy Story: Discovering #DevEmpathy (Ariel Caplan)

I was just a few months out of the Flatiron School, had gotten my bearings in the codebase at my first job, and was starting to take on more responsibility. I was sitting with a product manager—let’s call her Sierra—trying to explain the technical impact of a product idea she had proposed. And I was frustrated.

No matter which way I explained it, she just kept getting confused. Why couldn’t she understand that making these changes would drastically increase response...

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Amy Unger Gravatar

Amy Unger

Engineer, Rubyist, failed archivist, former librarian programmer and aspiring cat walker.

Ariel Caplan Gravatar

Ariel Caplan

Team-builder, Rubyist, former biologist and rabbinical student, instigator of the group.

Justin Herrick Gravatar

Justin Herrick

Web developer, consultant, teacher, life long learner, and cat lover.



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