Episode 6: The Mythical Man-Month, Part II

This episode, we continued our discussion of Fred Brooks’ The Mythical Man-Month. After some brief technical difficulties, we shared some initial reflections on the relevance of the book to today’s world, and moved on to discuss:

  • 6:42 Old debates (constraints, especially program size constraints) are refreshed in new contexts
  • 17:28 Responding to change
  • 24:42 Flow state
  • 30:31 Concrete milestones and the definition of “done”
  • 38:31 It’s not creating value until it’s shipped
  • 41:40 Reducing the role conflict
  • 51:06 How do developer and manager roles interact?
  • 56:59 Closing thoughts

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the book as well. Join us on Slack and share with other Dev Empaths!

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