Episode 7: Radical Candor, Part I

This episode, we opened up our discussion of Kim Scott’s Radical Candor. After reviewing the fundamental theory of the book and giving some first impressions, we spoke about:

  • 13:11 “Rockstars” and “Superstars”
  • 24:28 Should your boss be your friend? How much must the boss act as a psychologist?
  • 35:25 Supporting colleagues in non-leadership positions
  • 40:31 Radical Candor, or just being mean?
  • 51:51 Is there some truth in the “bank account” approach to relationships?
  • 59:49 What senior developers can learn from WWII pilots
  • 1:07:41 Cultural sensitivity versus racism

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the book as well. Join us on Slack and share with other Dev Empaths!

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